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  • Can use multiple title & descriptions.
  • 100% Manual submission.
  • Strict Quality Control.
  • All free directories.
  • Detailed Report.
  • PR Directories.
  • Quality Links.
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What is Directory Submisssion Services?

Directory Submission is the process to add your website to Web Directories, Basically directory submission process involves submitting your website URL/Blog along with other relevant information about your website/Blog to the most appropriate Category. 

In the Search Engine Optimization/SEO world, directory submission is the most basic step taken by Internet marketers/bloggers/ to improve link popularity of a website/blog. The main aim of directory submission process is to get One Way High Quality Backlinks to increase link popularity and to Improve Website/blog's Ranking.

You can get thousands of High Quality Backlinks by using this method. 

However, the effectiveness of this strategy depends totally on the experience of your link building company executing this service. has been in the link building industry for over 10 years and Seovally offers wide range of link building/seo services. One of the most popular services of Seovally is online directory submission service. Seovally promises customers excellent quality back links through Quality Manual Directory Submission Service.

Impact of Directory Submission on Search Engine Rankings

Having many links to your website on the web is like sign boards on the road. The more the links means more are the chances that the search bot or humans will stumble upon your site.

Links to your website on the web serves as the traveling path to your website. Directory submission is a way to create such links to make your presence felt through out the web.

Submitting website/blogs to directories serve as the directions for the search engine spiders. The more frequently they see a link the more the chances of getting to your site. The more the number of times a search engine visits your site from external references the more the ranking they will give, considering your website is very important.

You can also target specific keywords or key phrases using directory submissions. Use the important keywords/key phrases as titles for your directory submissions.

That will fetch you a better ranking and therefore a better traffic figures. What could be more beneficial than that if you own a business website?


Why Is Manual Directory submission Important? Provices 100% Manual Directory Submission Services, With Totally White Hat Seo Strategirs. Not many website owners are aware of the difference between these two types of submissions. If it is manual directory submission service your website is submitted to every directory manually. If the submission is automated, your website will be submitted to hundreds of directories all at once in just a single click. Which is the best way to submit to directories? Manual submission is the best approach because your approval rate in the directories will be very poor when you make use of automated submissions. What difference does it make to the directories whether you use automated submissions or manual submissions? It is not without reason web directories recommend that webmasters use manual submission services because automated submission tools are used extensively by people that spam the web. Using such tools spammers submit to multiple categories in the same directory and damaging the integrity of the web directories. So in an effort to keep spamming under control web directories do not easily approve submissions that are automated. So if your service provider makes use of automated submissions then you will not get your money's worth.

With Seovally you will not have to fear such risks.Seovally guarantees customers 100% manual directory submissions. You will get the maximum number of links possible from each package. Customers obviously like companies that give them the best value for the money they spend.

Key Features/Benefits of Directory Submission Services By For Your Website/Blog

Key Features/Directory Submission Benefits For SEO Ranking & Search Engine Optimization

  • We manually submit to all high PR web directories. Our more than 300 staff members are well trained and they follow all submission guidelines.

  • We regularly update , review, verify all the web directories links in our list of  8500+ directories. 

  • With directory submission work from, you will get instant traffic, search engine ranking.

  • No reciprocal links are required, all the links you will get from high quality, seo friendly web directories. 

  • We give full report on submissions. Click to see a sample report.

  • We provide 24/7 hours customers service, we provide all the answers about your queries within 24 hours.

  • Each directory submission will cost you 6 cents only, our directory submission is most cheapest priced in the world, for only $77 your website/blog submitted to 1000 high PR quality seo friendly web directories or for just $137 your website/blog submitted to 2000 high PR seo friendly web directories.

  • You can send us 10-15 different-different unique titles/anchor text and 10-15 unique descriptions for your directory submission work to avoid duplication and for best search engine optimizations and seo, and to get instant organic traffic from all the search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, ask, baido and others

  • Manual directory submission to high PR web directories work will give you real organic search engine ranking and top 10 google results

Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
100 Directory Submissions
100 7 1

Regular Price: $14.00

Special Price: $9.97

200 Directory Submissions
200 10 1

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price: $19.97

300 Directories Submissions
300 12 1

Regular Price: $35.00

Special Price: $27.00

500 Directory Submissions
500 15 1

Regular Price: $45.00

Special Price: $37.00

800 Directory Submissions
800 18 1

Regular Price: $75.00

Special Price: $57.00

1000 Directory Submissions
1000 20 1

Regular Price: $90.00

Special Price: $77.00

2000 Directory Submissions
2000 27 1

Regular Price: $180.00

Special Price: $137.00

4000 Directory Submission
4000 50 1
4000 Directory Submission
4000 50 1
*SEO DS : SEO Directory Submission